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Driving straight through processing via the automatic transmission of settlement messaging.


  • About

    Settlement Instruction Manager enables clients who use CTM® to achieve straight through processing of matched trades through the automatic creation and transmission of settlement messages in industry standard formats.

    Through its user interface, users can automatically generate and send messages to up to 15 predetermined recipients for each settlement instruction, such as custodians, depositories, fund administrators, legal departments, valuation agents, Japanese Trust Banks, Master KAGs, underlying clients, and other interested parties.

  • Key Functionality

    • One platform, that can be accessed via single sign on, for trade matching, settlement instruction and settlement statuses for all parties.
    • Improved settlement rates through ensuring all allocations are instructed or communicated to the pertinent recipients as part of a straight through processing workflow. 
    • Reduce exception handling by receiving matched trades automatically enriched with standing settlement instruction (SSI) data.
    • Lower risk and cost by reducing the volume of fax communications from clients. 

  • How it Works

    Users configure profiles from a combination of fields to determine when to create and/or release settlement instruction messages. Messages can be created for different recipients according to field combinations including Account ID, Currency, Place of Settlement (PSET), Type of Financial Instrument, CTM matching status, etc. The messages can be released automatically or manually, including options to create settlement instruction messages for allocations that are not yet matched on the CTM platform or for records where the counterparty is not using the CTM service.

    Settlement Instruction Manager - How It Works

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